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Patient Doctor Management System

The Patient Doctor Management System PDMS is the latest generation digital platform that allows the management of all processes related to telemedicine.

The PDMS allows your organization to implement a digital platform to manage your telemedicine processes, with your company’s  brand and endorsed by an organization of professionals with extensive knowledge, granting you access to the best practices in the industry.

The PDMS consists of 8 clearly differentiated, independent and complementary modules

  1. Patient module, Electronic Medical Records (EMR).
  2. Doctor’s module, physician profile and agenda.
  3. Administrative module: Management and supervision of all areas.
  4. Communication module.
  5. Economic Control Module (ECM).
  6. Call Center module: Support, triage and communications.
  7. Statistical Information Module (SIM).
  8. Chronic Patient Communication Module (CPC).

Main features of the PDMS

  • All clients in the PDMS have an Electronic Medical Record EMR (EMR) from which all the processes related to telemedicine are managed
  • All medical consultations are managed from the client’s EMR.
  • The configuration of the PDMS allows for the following controls:
    • Restricted access to the different modules depending on the security profiles of the users
    • Access to modules with specific user and passwords codes
    • Process traceability for audits and security controls
    • Independent databases for the extraction and elaboration of reports, data Mining
    • Dual system of authentication and encryption of sensitive data by single-key personal
    • HL7
    • ICD-10

Additional Functionalities of the PDMS

  • App iOS
  • Electronic Prescription (includes digital signatura)
  • Docor’s Chat
  • Informe Descanso Médico (includes digital signatura)
  • Service Quality Survey
  • Adminsitration and Management of priorities
  • Digital Lab Test request (includes digital signatura)
  • Chronic Patient Communication Module (CPC)
  • DashBoard

What is the value add of the PDMS to the company

  • Increased diagnostic resolution of the Care Network
  • Agility in the processes of care
  • Optimizing Doctors ‘ time
  • Optimization of human, economic and financial resources
  • Improved quality of service
  • Tools for process Control and monitoring
  • On-line data availability depending on security profiles

What is the value add of the PDMS for the user

  • Avoid unnecessary travelling
  • Improves customers health and life quality
  • Time optimization improves the opportunity for access to services
  • Achieves timely and efficient diagnoses and treatments
  • Ability to link customers to programs and plans that reduce healthcare costs and subsequent health complications

When the PDMS account is activated, the doctor or the clinic will have access to the iOS and Android in order to perform the video consultations and access the EMR. All patients who are registered in the PDMS, will receive the necessary information to download the application.

PDMS screen shot

All patients registered in the PDMS, have an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) automatically created. The EMR created in the PDMS will have no prior medical information. It will be up to the doctor to determine which information will be updated in the new EMR. Each patient who is registered in the PDMS will receive an email where they will be informed of their username and password to access their EMR from any electronic device.

The doctor will be able to access the patient’s EMR from any electronic device each time the patient makes a doctor consultation the needs doctor needs to consult any medical information from the patient.

When a doctor makes a consultation either in person or through a video consultation or over the phone, the HMD will updated with all the details of the consultation.


The PDMS allows for the management of the doctor’s agenda in such a way that the doctor can schedule doctor’s consultations, either physically, through the video consultation or over the telephone. The PDMS will automatically manage all the reminder messages and if the appointment is by telephone or through a video consultation, the PDMS will automatically manage the connection between the doctor and the patient at the established time.


The PDMS allows for the establishment of video consultations from any electronic device that has an internet connection and a camera. From the video consultation the PDMS Accesses the EMR of the patient requesting the video consultation with the objective of updating the diagnosis and the prescribed medications, should there be any prescriptions.

PDMS video consultation

Through the PDMS, an electronic prescription with digital signature can be issued. Once the medical prescription is completed in the patient’s EMR and the consultation is completed, the PDMS will send the prescription to the pharmacy chosen by the patient. Digital prescriptions can incorporate the digital signature.

PDMS electronic prescription

The PMDS allows for the preparation of lab test as per the doctor’s request. Once the lab test request is completed in the patient’s EMR and the consultation is completed, the PDMS will send the lab test request to the corresponding laboratory. The laboratory reports can incorporate the digital signature.

PDMS electronic lab prescription

Through the App, the patient can establish communication with the doctor via a specific PDMS chat.

PDMS doctor's chat

The PDMS provides management reports that provide information for better management and decision making for the optimization of resources.

PDMS electronic reports