The most innovative and functional digital telemedicine platform available to all professionals

The PDMS2go.com is the digital platform especially developed over the functionality of the PDMS  for doctor’s offices  and small health centers.

Main characteristics of the PDMS2go:

  • Easy to implement, does not require programming, only determine your functional needs based on a questionnaire and you can enjoy the PDMS technology
  • accessible from the web www.PDMS2go.com
  • It allows for the management of up to 5,000 patients by up to 3 doctors
  • Access to all PDMS modules including video consultation
  • Access to the PMDS App
  • Support desk available to help you answer your questions
  • Online chat
  • Doctor’s forum
  • Pay an annual fee and benefit from the digital telemedicine platform used by large companies in the telemedicine segment
PDMS to go

The main benefits for your consultation and your patients

Benefits to your consultation

Benefits to your patients

Access to a state-of-the-art digital platform

Access to your medical records from any electronic device

Have all your patients’ medical records accessible from any electronic device

Possibility of accessing a doctor’s consultation without having to travel to your doctor’s office

Possibility of being connected with your patients 24/7

Receiving the digital prescription in your electronic device or pharmacy *

Facilitate consultations with your patients without having to travel to the doctor’s office

Electronic medical prescription with digital signature*

Generation of management and statistical reports

Payment Gateway to collect charges from video consultations

* Some restrictions may apply due to legal environment

PDMS2go App

When the PDMS2go account is activated, the doctor or the clinic will have access to the iOS and Android in order to perform the video consultations and access the EMR. All patients who are registered in the PDMS2go will receive the necessary information to download the application

PDMS screen shot
PDMS screen shot

Electronic Medical Records

All patients registered in the PDMS2go, have an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) automatically created. The EMR created in the PDMS2go will have no prior medical information. It will be up to the doctor to determine which information will be updated in the new EMR. Each patient who is registered in the PDMS2go will receive an email where they will be informed of their username and password to access their EMR from any electronic device.

The doctor will be able to access the patient’s EMR from any electronic device. Each time the patient makes a doctor’s consultation the doctor will consult all medical information from the patient’s EMR.

When a doctor makes a consultation either in person,  through a video consultation or over the phone, the EMR will be updated with all the details of the consultation.

Online Agenda

The PDMS2go allows for the management of the doctor’s agenda in such a way that the doctor can schedule doctor’s consultations, either physically, through the video consultation or over the telephone. The PDMS2go will automatically manage all the reminder messages and if the appointment is by telephone or through video consultation, the PDMS2go will automatically manage the connection between the doctor and the patient at the established time.

PDMS online agenda
PDMS video consultation

Video Consultation

The PDMS allows for the establishment of video consultations from any electronic device that has an internet connection and a camera. From the video consultation the PDMS2go Accesses the EMR of the patient requesting the video consultation with the objective of updating the diagnosis and the prescribed medications, should there be any prescriptions.

Electronic Prescription

Through the PDMS2go, an electronic prescription with a digital signature can be issued. Once the medical prescription is completed in the patient’s EMR and the consultation is completed, the PDMS2go will send the prescription to the pharmacy chosen by the patient. Digital prescriptions can incorporate the digital signature.

PDMS video consultation
PDMS electronic lab prescription

Lab Test Digital Report

The PMDS2go allows for the preparation of lab test as per the doctor’s request. Once the lab test request is completed in the patient’s EMR and the consultation is completed, the PDMS2go will send the lab test request to the corresponding laboratory. The laboratory reports can incorporate the digital signature.

Management Reporting

The PDMS2go provides management reports that provide information for better management and decision making for the optimization of resources

PDMS management repoting
PDMS doctor's chat

Doctor’s Chat

Through the App, the patient can establish communication with the doctor via a specific PDMS2go chat