HTI Hosting

The servers on which the PDMS is managed are HIPAA-compliant (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) servers to prevent the theft of medical records information data:

Minimizing the risk of loss & theft of information Based on the required volume

  • 24/7/365 Manned Facility
  • Closed Circuit TV Security Cameras
  • Monitored 24/7/365 by 3rd Party Security Company
  • Site Entrance Controlled by Electronic Perimeter Access Card System

Minimizing the risk of damage

  • High Security Facilities
  • Data Centers Privately Owned and Operated
  • Durable, Poured Concrete External Walls
  • Disaster Neutral Geographic Locations

Advanced Fire Prevention Infrastructure

  • Dry Pipe Preaction, Double Interlock System
  • NFPA 13 Compliant

Input security-access controls

  • Exterior Entrances Secured by Mantraps with Interlocking Doors
  • Access to the Data Center Space Requires Secure Credentials

Security Zones

  • Office Space Separate from Data Center Space
  • Advanced Proximity Credentials Required to Access Data Center
  • All Employees Receive Full Background Check
  • Key Locked Physical Server Rack Enclosures Available
  • Component Level Redundancy Available for Hard Drives
  • Hot and Cold Spare On-site Servers Available

Security and Solutions, Data Center Physical System

  • Minimization of the risk of loss and theft
  • Minimization of the risk of damage
  • Advanced infrastructure for fire prevention
  • Entry security – Access controls
  • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

  • Multiple N+1 MPS Generators
  • Multiple Fuel Contracts Ensure Fuel Availability for Generators
  • Multiple N+1 UPS Systems with 30 Minute Minimum Runtime
  • Server Chassis Feature Redundant Power Supplies (Available)
  • Server Chassis Have A/B Power Configurations (Available)
  • Redundant ASCO Closed Transition Bypass Isolation Transfer Switches
  • Capability to Provide Tier-4 Power
  • Four 10 Megawatt Feeds Available
  • Diverse Paths from Substation
  • 2N Power Available

Backup Management

Our back-up solution continuously captures the entire system configuration to an off-site facility for disaster recovery. We use replication, synchronization, and point-in-time snapshots to provide protection of your complete server environment, so our Monitoring team can recover your exact server configuration in the case of a catastrophic event. we can ensure unparalleled uptime and safeguard against data loss in even the most extreme circumstances.

How It Works

  1. During normal host operation, the Guardian agent keeps a journal of disk changes. Incremental backups know what sectors on the disk have changed before the backup operation even starts. Guardian’s method is less resource intensive than traditional file-by-file or block-by-block backup methods.
  2. Guardian directly reads your hard disk volumes at the sector level, bypassing the file system for the ultimate in performance and recovery. Our disk sector synchronization is performed while the server is online and causes no interruption to I/O requests, even on a busy server.
  3. By reading the disk at the lowest possible level, Guardian captures incremental recovery images, containing your files and all the required information for consistent point-in-time system-wide backup images.
  4. These sector-based backups increase throughput and reduce overhead so that servers can be fully operational with minimal performance impact while the backup is taking place. Backups can usually be performed at any time, even on busy servers.
  5. Our Disk Safe feature allows us to safely store your backup data by encrypting it on the backup nodes. This feature can’t be disabled later, it has to be configured with a fresh backup snapshot. Disk Safe currently supports encryption using 128-bit RSA Keys and the Blowfish Cipher for symmetric encryption.
  6. When necessary, you can restore servers directly from your disk-based backups. Unlike traditional backup software, there is NO need to first partition your drive and install the operating system. In addition, our bare metal recovery greatly increases the speed of complete system recovery from a catastrophic failure.