The 4 fundamental pillars of telemedicine

To understand telemedicine in its broader context, telemedicine should be looked at from the 4 fundamental pillars perspective. When implementing a project, careful consideration should be paid to the 4 pillars,  because if any of these pillars is missing, the results of the project may be compromised

Reliable and efficient communications

A reliable communication system must provide  quality and continuity in the  communication

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Technological platform to manage the processes

The management of patients through telemedicine must be supported by a  technological platform

Health Tech
Commitment and participation of all the units involved

Participation of all business units in the development and implementation of the strategy

Health Tech
Permanent transfer of knowledge

Transfer of knowledge through the constant training  of people

The main challenges faced by healthcare


Objectives of the PDMS

To manage the ageing of the population and increase in demand for medical care

Reduce physical assistance: 70% of the consultations could be addressed through telemedicine.

Increase the quality of life of patients

Universalization of medical care through telemedicine

Optimize the limited economic and financial resources

Processes reengineering supported by technology for the optimization of economic and financial resources

Manage duplicity in the processes and lack of a standard in the management of medical records

Implementation of digital medical records accessible from any electronic device with secured and restricted access

Reduce long waits for patients without distinction of the severity of the disease

Reduce congestion in emergency rooms. Telemedicine allows treatment from anywhere, at any time

Increase adherence to treatments. 50% of chronic patients do not adhere to treatments due to forgetfulness

Permanent communication with the patient to guarantee the follow-up of the treatment managing treatments from a preventive perspective

Have access to specialized medical consultations without the need for long trips and waiting

Reference Centers (Hub) connected via telemedicine to remote clinics and health care centers