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Health Tech International Solutions (HT International), is a holding company with headquarters in Dallas, Texas, USA, specializing in medical consultations over the phone. Currently, HT International is the telehealth company with the most international presence on the American continent. With offices in 9 countries in the Americas including the USA and Canada, the company is the leader of the American continent telehealth market.

HT International professionals have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the healthcare industry and more specifically the telehealth segment. With this experience and technology, together with our strategic partnerships, we offer on the international market, the development and introduction of our business model, which can be adapted to the particularities of each and every different country and environment.

At HT International, we are committed to revolutionizing the global healthcare industry by implanting and developing the most advanced management systems with the highest standards of quality and design all over the world.

In a world of constant change, with the technology available today, receiving quality health care should not alter our daily lives as it has in the past.